Film Festival

Jeff Cain | Film Festival Juror

Faculty USC Roski School of Art and Design


Outstanding Cinematography– Matthew Caponi, Orange Coast College

Where the Snail Lives, 2013, 14:20

A depressed girl learns to see the world in a different way after finding a fantastical garden in her backyard.


Vivian Sming, CalArts, MFA 2013

an elegy for the end of the world, 2012, 2 :37

“an elegy for the end of the world” creates a psychological space for the viewer to consider “calculative regimes” by placing numbers and verbs found to describe human-created disasters in the year of 2012 (a year of impending doom through the ever-increasing natural disasters), and juxtaposing them with a floating idyllic landscape of Antarctica, where in which, save for the imagination, would contain no humans and thereby, no numbers.,


Mike Alcoran, Cypress College

Strawberry Lemonade, 2013, 4:26

A young man makes lemonade on a warm summer day. His kids decide to make their own lemonade and open up their own little lemonade stand. However, they forget one little detail…



Napoleon Chavez, California State University Fullerton, 2018

Along Came Alejandro, 2013, 2:16

This is the story of when the regularly under appreciated Jennie found love in the last place she would have thought to look, while the overly arrogant Edbin learns that treating people in a disrespectful manner will only make others resent him.


Shaun Black, UC Irvine, MFA 2014

8 Seconds, 2013, 1:43

8 Seconds employs separate takes of a figure performing within found, pre-edited footage of various western themed films. Arranged in a quad split-screen format and displayed simultaneously, each handheld shot suggests a multi-layered relationship between subject, camera operator, and the re-presentation of segmented cultural material.


Stephanie Chu, UC Irvine, 2015

Boxed Lunch, 2013, 3:39

Two sisters deeply care for one another, but rarely have the time to express it. To compensate it, their love for each other is shown through home cooked meals.


Jowey Koltes and Courtney Lynn Elliott, UC Irvine, 2015

Pop the Question, 2014, 10:50

Matt is your typical, average, fun-loving guy, who may not always get everything perfect the first time. Today, he faces his biggest challenge yet: The perfect proposal. Can Matt “Pop the Question?”


Bryan Norton, California State University Fullerton, 2014

Control, 2013, 9:44

Parties, booze, and sex mix in a noirish tale where not everything is as it seems. Joe picks up two prostitutes and ends up inexplicably at a party for himself.


Jorge Perezchica, California State University Fullerton

Espiritu, 2013, 6:19

Espíritu is a poetic documentary narrated by James Udon, Natalie Beisner and Dimitris Hartman, who enrolled in the Steppingwolf Theater Arts intensive program at CSU Summer Arts 2013 that expresses three main themes about their acting process.


Juror’s Choice– Wesley Trung Nguyễn, California State University Fullerton, 2014

The Small Sleep, 2012, 6:00

A visual poem to death, large and small. A ghost watches its funeral ceremony after being awoken.


Suzana Poghosyan, UC Irvine, 2014

The Kotchunyans 2014, 5:58

“Kotchunyans” combines audio recordings of interviews in Armenian with English subtitles. Looking to understand the family’s past, the artist interviews her mother and grandmother. As her inquiries take place, a sense of futility takes hold. These are fleeting memories that will never belong to her. 


D. Hill, California State University Fullerton, MFA 2015

Disclosure, 2014, 2:24

“Disclosure” explores gender and sex by giving the viewer an interpersonal experience of hybridity using the artist’s identity. It reveals the beauty of embracing the rituals that come with transsexualism.


Juliana Rico, California State University Fullerton, MFA 2014

One Off, 2014, 3:30

Time is illogical, simultaneously expanded and compressed as the artist endeavors through each and every night futilely repeating mindless tasks while trying to gain control of insomnia.



Vivian Sming , CalArts, MFA 2013

Happy Two (Cat Cat Kitty MV), 2013, 1:04

Happy Two (Cat Cat Kitty MV) is a silent music video, following the Cat Cat Kitty album, which contains a set of electronic ballads created in 2012 to explore the relationship and communication errors between the artist and her pet companion cat.



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